Architecturally Challenging but Rewarding – Small Space Lawns

Small yards can be challenging for homeowners that want a perfect outdoor setting for house parties, summer barbecues, or a place for relaxation at the end of the day.

Although it might be difficult, small yard spaces are very much workable and can be molded into the perfect outdoor space for you. Whether you are working with professionals or planning to do your yard renovation on your own, here are some ideas on how to maximize and brighten up your small yard space

Dividing The Space

One way to divide the space in your small yard is by following geometric patterns. Forming triangular areas in the yard can not only make space look bigger but can also serve as a creative accent. A popular but simple way of doing this is by laying out diagonal pave stones in your backyard. The spaces could be made more distinct by using natural dividers like hedges or shrubs. Areas meant for furniture and leisure could be paved with tiles, stone, or wood instead of just keeping the grass in the landscape. Spaces in your small yard can be further distinguished from one another by the decorations in each area. A group of chairs or benches can be the seating area, while another section of the yard could be for cooking and dining.

Creating Levels In Your Yard

Another way to make the small space looks larger is by creating levels or platforms. Aside from creating the illusion of having a bigger yard, each level could be made more functional by having its own designated purpose. You can make an elevated wooden platform in one corner to serve as a dining area. The lower level could be designated as a socializing area that is filled with chairs and an outdoor sofa. The remaining areas could be for the plants and footpaths.

Homey And Comfortable Décor

Aside from techniques that help divide and enlarge the space in your backyard, you can never fail to liven it up by the right decoration. This could be decided on the main purpose that you want to serve for your yard. For example, if you have a small kitchen or dining area, you can make your yard into an extended dining area and not just a garden. You can separate a corner for an outdoor grill and a dining table. If you envision your backyard to be a place for relaxation and meditation, then you might want to add more flowering plants and other vegetation. You can also add mild outdoor lights or lamps for mood lighting.

Have Bright And Bold Colors

Green is the natural color of nature and the outdoors, but even small yards can become more alive with a pop of color. Spending time in your backyard could be more enjoyable if it is filled with flowers and plants. If you are not much into planting and gardening, you can make do with having vibrant furniture. At night, the yard could still be a lively space by installing fairy lights and other kinds of fun.

Have Bright And Bold Colors