Advantages of Modern Architecture Styles for Homes

Modern architecture has been soaring when it comes to building homes and offices since the end of World War I. Modern architecture is also about logic and functionality instead of design and decoration.

It aims to highlight the materials used in the building using linear and clear shapes. If you are looking for an architectural style, that highlights modernism and the contemporary period, and if your favor simple, crisp lines in your home or office building, then modern architecture may be the style that you are looking for. Even if you tend to favor classical facades or a more rustic, country feel, modern designs can blend beautifully with more traditional architectural styles.

Purpose is Everything

One advantage of modern architecture is its strict emphasis on purpose and functionality. For contemporary architects, the form of the building should reflect the reason why it existed in the first place or rather, to assist the structure in fulfilling its purpose. An example would be the famous Guggenheim Museum in New York by Frank Lloyd Wright. Inside, visitors are lead around to the artworks in a circular, unfolding pathway embedded in the building’s design.

Simple, Less is More

Modern architects and home and building owners prefer simple designs with little elaboration. Similar to styles of fashionable clothing, the simpler the design, the more elegant it is. In some cases, simple styles also cater to a lot of aesthetic preferences, so you can surely never go wrong with the straightforward look of modern buildings. Modern architecture is also unique and iconic because of its very geometric feel since designers and architects under the modern movement construct their buildings with definite, clear lines. This makes the buildings stand out in any neighborhood that is often dominated by other architectural styles.

Environment-Friendly Materials

Another advantage of modern architecture, in connection to its simplicity, is its lack of adornment. The main feature of any modern building is its unique shape and the beautiful materials that make it shine through. The design itself is the star of the building as the simplicity highlights the blending of glass, concrete, wood, and steel. The harmony of the materials and the design simply emphasizes its modern and futuristic feel. Another advantage of modern architecture when it comes to materials is that new buildings are built a environment-friendly. Modern architecture makes use of wood, metals, glass, bricks, and other building materials that cost less, use less energy to harness or make, and leave less carbon footprint. Not to mention, the numerous glass windows associated with modern architecture is also a means of passive solar heating, which means cheaper electric bills.

Maximize Light and Space

Since modern architecture highlights functionality over decor, every inch of available space is utilized to fulfill its express function. Not a single space in the entire building is wasted. Since the design incorporates fewer walls in the interior and creates more open spaces within the building, you can have a home or an office that seems more welcoming. One of the defining characteristics of modern architecture is that it has numerous and often, large and panoramic windows with skylights. These multiple glass windows can create the illusion of extended space and of course, easily brightens up any room with natural lighting.

Maximize Light and Space