9 Steps to Zen – Interior Design Tips to Promote Positiveness

Living a fast, modern life can easily make you feel tired and drained. Why not set aside time for meditation?

Or better yet, make your interior living space, a place for zen. In Japanese culture, zen means meditation – a way to achieve peace, balance, and harmony. Here are some steps that you can follow to make your home truly a place for zen.

Choose “down to earth” colors

Colors can change the mood, energy, and the atmosphere of a room. For a more meditation-worthy interior space, choose colors that appear in nature. Colors such as browns, greens, beiges, or even shades of white and grey are perfect.

2. Prioritize soft textures

In order to complement the earthy colors of the room, wooden flooring is encouraged, such as parquet and resin floors which are both beautiful and comfortable. Carpets made from cotton or wool can also be used but to maintain the zen. They should match the colors of floors, walls, and ceilings.

3. Have natural fabrics in the room

Curtains are an excellent addition to any room as they contribute to making any space personal and private. For the curtains, drapes and the bedsheets, natural fabrics like wool and linen are the best.

4. Encourage soft, natural lighting

Avoid harsh, industrial lighting, and switch to more calming, natural lights. Ceiling lights should be traded for more indirect lighting like table lamps or floor lamps. Candles are also an excellent alternative for a more peaceful atmosphere.

5. Switch to natural and simple furniture

For your interior space to be zen, your furniture and decor have to be zen as well. This means an inclination toward wooden furnishings with clear and simple lines, is the way to go. Avoid bold, clashing colors and choose furniture that blends with the colors dominant within the room.

6. Minimal ornaments and decoration

The key is to keep it simple and to remember that less is more. Examples include minimizing photos and wall decor as well as covering library books in monochrome colors such as white or grey. Every wall hanging has to be minimalistic in design and only highlight with subtlety.

7. Invest in natural scent makers

Zen is not only about creating an ideal, relaxing appearance but also about making it a meditative atmosphere. You can buy some homemade or organic scented candles for the holistic experience or use essential oils in floral or natural scents in a diffuser. Mild fragrant flowering plants in sunny spots will also give the space an earthy finish.

8. Avoid electronic appliances

One of the leading causes of stress in this modern world is electronic gadgets. They demand your attention all the time with updates from your social media sites and messages in your inbox. Your home can be more zen if you minimize the presence of these disturbances.

9. Have plants inside your home

Aside from providing your room with oxygen, indoor plants are also great at creating a relaxing space because of their calming green color. Some plants need less maintenance that you can choose from, such as succulents or bonsai.