10 Tips For Scandinavian Interior

10 Tips For Scandinavian Interior

Scandinavian home interiors can be defined by two basic principles: minimalism and coziness. Such home interiors have recently become very popular in many countries. You can find a lot of articles about Scandinavian interiors on the internet, and we wanted to create a short guide for you how to create this interior in your home without any problems. So, what are the highlights?


Huge and massive carpets never conquered Sweden. All true Scandinavian interiors are created with the help of wood because natural materials and ecology are extremely important to the Scandinavians. The wooden floors are usually light in color and are made of the same wood in all rooms of the house, except for the bathroom.


White walls and unobtrusive pastel textiles are the main accents of Scandinavian interiors, but also some more colorful textiles can be added. So, do not be afraid to buy brightly colored pillows, vases, or even an armchair. Colors are the source of good mood!


The natural timber is one of the most important accents, and do not be afraid to be proud and show it. Use it on walls or even ceilings to add texture and warmth. Use gray oil to remove the yellow colors if you choose pine or oak wood. Naturalness is a key condition, and it applies to all materials that will be used in the interior.


Clean lines from architecture to furniture. Simplicity is always the most beautiful and unobtrusive way out. The most important thing is that the interior should remain minimalistic. As a result, it is ok to add one or two extraordinary details. But keep in mind that a true Scandinavian interior is very functional and simple. Therefore, do not overdo it by filling the room with inaccurate objects.

Furniture and Accessories

There are many pieces of furniture of incredible beauty from various manufacturers around the world. Furniture should be with very minimal shapes, no need to use heavy or futuristic elements. Also, the rule of natural materials is applied here. Very often we see photos put in white or black frames in Scandinavian interiors. It is also impossible to create the Scandinavian interior without many different plants and vases in which they are planted. Ceramic or plastic vase in white or pastel colors. Use decorative light-colored pillows, blankets, and small carpets near sofa or bed to give not only a feeling of freedom, but also comfort and extra coziness.


Scandinavian winters are harsh, dark, and long. For this reason, most apartments and houses have original fireplaces on the sites. As a result, if you have the opportunity, install a fireplace while creating your Scandinavian interior. Unlike many fireplaces of the British style, which are usually the main highlight of a room, Scandinavian fireplaces are very simple and mostly original from the 19th century and neatly tiled. Such fireplaces are usually installed in the corner of the room and have glass doors to enjoy the warmth and coziness of fire.